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The Golf Academy is entrusted to a Scottish professional Kevin Smillie, in Italy since 1996 and to the Italians Paolo Zanesco and Gabriele Heinrich.


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Kevin Smille
Born in Fort William (Scotland) on 19.10.1971. He started playing at the West Lothian Golf Club.
He became zero at 16, and represented the Scottish Boys national team in ’88 and ’89.
In 1990 he became a professional and began teaching, following the course of the British PGA.
Since 1996 he has taught in Castelfranco and today, in addition to being a professional of the British PGA, he is a certified instructor with additional qualification of Club Makers at the master level.



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Paolo Zanesco
Born in Asolo on 13.01.1979. He started playing at Castelfranco Golf Club, he continued his competitive activity at Asolo Golf Club from 1996 until 2007.
He participated and won the Italian Team Championships A4 – A3 – A2, finalist in the A1 and two Triveneti Team Championships.
In 2010 he became a professional at the National Golf School in Rome. Since 2010 he teaches in Castelfranco, as well as being a professional member of the Italian PGA.



Gabriele Heinrich

Born in Venice on 17.02.1990, he began the practice of golf in 1997 playing as a starter in the competitive team of Villa Condulmer from 2002 to 2011 and represented the major Italian National Team for 4 years, from 2006 to 2010. The official transition to professionalism takes place in 2012 at the National Golf School in Rome. He taught at the Circolo Golf Venezia until 2021 when he began his collaboration with the Ca’ Amata Golf Club.