Golf in Veneto

In Veneto golf takes on new beauty through professional golf clubs, which boast fine management and fields located amidst marvelous landscapes.

In Treviso:

GOLF CLUB CA’ AMATA, founded within the park of the lovely Villa Cà Amata.
Asolo Golf Club, 27-hole golf court filled with amenities.
Golf club Villa Condulmer, well-housed in the suggestive countryside of Venice.
Golf di Zerman, a field that requires every club in the bag.
Golf Club Montebelluna, course that winds along the old riverbed of the Piave.

In Verona:
Golf Club Paradiso del Garda, surrounded by the Mount Baldo chain and Lake Garda.
Golf Ca’ degli Ulivi, a field to suit expert players.
Golf Club Villafranca, nestled in the heart of Verona’s gentile hills.

In Vicenza:
Golf Club Vicenza, though rather technical, its fields are beginner-friendly.
Golf Club Colli Berici, come visit the awe-inspiring panorama.
Golf Club Asiago, one of Europe’s lovliest mountain fields.
Golf Club Cà Daffan, offers lovely views of Chiampo Valley.

In Rovigo:
Campo di Albarella, set in a majestic natural environment, enhanced by water and sand traps.

n Padova:
Golf Club Padova, hosted the top Championships and Open d’Italia.
Golf Club Terme di Galzignano, situated in the enchanting setting of Colli Euganei.
Golf Club Frassanelle, play on a field of modern inspiration.
Golf club della Montecchia, at the foot of the royal castle of Count Emo Capodilista.

In Belluno:
Golf Club Cansiglio, golf amidst fir trees and mountain meadows.
Golf Club Sappada, at 1250 mt on the suggestive Dolomites.

In Venezia:
Golf Ca’ della Nave, characterized by its numerous water traps.
Golf Club Venezia, built atop sand dunes.
Golf Club Jesolo, a green oasis of 900 square meters.
Golf Pra’ delle Torri, the crisp maratime breeze stirs the spirit.