The mountains in the Veneto Region

The world’s most beautiful peaks, crystal clear air, unspoiled wilderness, and pretty villages that dot the romantic valleys, these are only a few words that describe the beautiful scenery of the Dolomites of Belluno and the Veneto mountains. If we add the splendid alpine lakes, woods, rocks with bizarre shapes, stones that form a rainbow when the light changes, mountains born from the sea and where dinosaurs walked … well then it is easy to see that the mountains of our beautiful region are an ideal places to spend a relaxing vacation full of well-being, sports and fun.

They start at the soft landscape at the foot of the Alps and go up to the breathtaking peaks of the Dolomites that on June 26th 2009 were declared a World Heritage by UNESCO. Mount Baldo and the Mountains of Lessinia stand on the slopes of Verona and the Plateau of Asiago and the Fiorentini stand on the slopes of Vicenza. If we go towards Treviso, there is Monte Grappa. One of the oldest forests of Italy is found between the Alpine foothills of Treviso and the Plateau of Cansiglio.

All year round, tourists will find wonderful sceneries, ancient traditions, genuine food and warm hospitality that will make their stay unforgettable.